Alongside the translation of general texts, I have become specialised in the following fields of translation through my extensive wealth of experience:

  • Market research / sales, advertising & marketing / public relations documents: International advertising, international marketing, conference appearances, localisation, web publishing
  • Software and web localisation: Adjusting menus and user interfaces of computer programmes, online help guides and handbooks, websites, mobile applications and content management systems (CMS)
  • Technical documentation: Handbooks, manuals and product and operating instructions in various technical fields, including energy technology, telecommunications, mechanical engineering, plant engineering
  • General corporate communication: General correspondence, reports, application paperwork, flyers, assessments, customer information, purchase agreements, license agreements, articles from technical publications, newsletters
  • Corporate management documents: Investor relations, annual account, business reports, international accounting and strategic corporate management
  • Special financial translations: Acquisition, research and development, financing, industrial production, market research and marketing, product policy, trade and turnover
  • Industry requirements: Banks and insurance companies, industrial firms, commercial enterprises, media and advertising agencies, service providers, associations and a wide variety of institutions and industries
  • Trade / foreign trade documentation: Import, export, goods receiving, exhibitions and conferences, trade terms, import contracts, customs

I translate into my native Turkish from German and English.

I also translate certificates and personal documents from Turkish into German or English. I do this in cooperation with a native speaker of the respective language.

I am happy to assist you in searching for a suitable colleague who works in different language pairs.